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April 22, 2017

Study circle around the Ginkgo tree

Leiden Law School - Library: Study circle around the Ginkgo tree.

After the renovation of Kamerlingh Onnes Building, a birch tree was planted in the library. However, due to the poor growth conditions, this tree died. 
Then a Ginkgo tree was planted on the same place in 2007 and it is still alive!  
This happened with a symbolic act in which the farewell speech of  retired rector of Leiden University D.D. Breimer was buried between the roots of the Ginkgo.  
Meanwhile, the speech of his successor, Van der Heijden, has been buried there.

Another photo of this Ginkgo here

Story in Dutch here.
Photo: Leiden Law 

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At 4/23/2017, Blogger ABouganville said...

How marvellous, deep and magical ...!


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