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July 15, 2019

Red ribbons and Millennium Ginkgo in Fulaishan

This Millennium Ginkgo tree is said to be the oldest Ginkgo tree in the world.
In this video a woman tells about how she got to sell red ribbons (red = good luck) to visiting tourists who write their wishes on them.  

The tree is located near a temple in Fulaishan, Juxian, Shandong, China and is probably older than 3,000 years, height c. 26 m, girth c.15,7 m. Covering an area of over 600 square meters, it is still flourishing and full of vitality.

More on my blogpost of September 28, 2012.

Video by Looking China Official Channel on YouTube
It has subtitles in English. 

Photo: Travel China 

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