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December 07, 2019

Big Ginkgo Ikeda losing its leaves

Big Ginkgo losing its leaves. 

Location: Chofukuji Temple, Ikeda, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Video on YouTube by Haruyuki Onoue.

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At 1/07/2020, Blogger attila57 said...

Beautiful! There's an island in the Danube in Budapest, where I live, and there are several ginkgo trees on the island. They were there 30 years ago, too, when I was much younger. We used to go running in the park on the island every day with my wife. We soon discovered the ginkgo trees there, because the female tree, which happened to be just where we did our daily warmup exercises, was so awfully smelly. Once, on a bright November or December day, I picked up some seeds wich had the fleshy part already rotten off. At home I put the seeds in pots to germinate. They produced two seedlings which we had with us for a long time. Now, three decades later, I went to the same old place to fetch some seeds again, because recently my interest has turned towards gardening. The park has changed a lot, but the trees, a male and a female, are still there, virtually unchanged. There were a lot of rotting fruit on the ground and many bare seeds. I picked up about 50 or 60, brought them home, and now they are clean and dry, waiting for me to sow or stratify them.


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