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May 11, 2022

Huanggang Vertical Forest and Ginkgo trees


StefanoBoeri Architetti’s Easyhome Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex, located in the city of Huanggang in Hubei province, eastern China.  
Boeri is best-known for the Bosco Verticale in Milan.The 4.5ha site contains five towers, two of which are residential "vertical forests" that combine open and closed balconies.
The greenery of the Vertical Forest is made up of 404 trees, the main trees are Ginkgo biloba, also Osmanthus, Acer, Ligustrum etc., 4620 shrubs, perennial grass, flowers and climbing plants. 
Boeri: “The inhabitants of the residential towers have the opportunity to experience the urban space from a different perspective while fully enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by nature."



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