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February 13, 2013

Washington Ginkgo mistakenly cut down + update

 Washington D.C., Farragut Square, near White House:
A historic Ginkgo tree, the largest Ginkgo in Washington,  was mistakenly cut down. The male tree was 102 feet tall, with a crown spread of 79 feet and trunk circumference of 142 inches.
The National Park Service said the contractor was supposed to cut down a dead ash tree on the other side of the park. There was nothing wrong with the Ginkgo. 
Historian Jonathan Pliska wrote the Ginkgo was probably planted in 1873 or earlier and been incorporated into the design of the square, which honors Adm. David Glasgow Farragut.
Read more in this column by John Kelly in the Washington Post .

Update + video:
ABC7 television shows a video of this terrible mistake on its website:

Update 2
In November 2013 an artwork was created round the stump of this tree.
Also a young Ginkgo tree was planted on Farragut Square.
Read more on my blogpost of December 6, 2013.

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At 2/19/2013, Anonymous Tree Service Brooklyn said...

Mistakenly cut down? How do you get the wrong tree? Was the correct tree a lot younger and not in the way as much? Its possible it was setup.

-Samudaworth Tree Service

At 3/21/2013, Anonymous Tree Pruning Asheville NC said...

Cut down probably for the best of the environment, am I right?

-Asheville Tree Removal


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