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November 29, 2010

Special set of photos featuring a Ginkgo leaf

Yellow Ginkgo leaf on CTA bus door in Chicago, IL, by Matt Maldre (spudart) on
Matt writes:
"I had my eyes on the bus doors with their yellow vertical strip. With my camera ready and tape on my Ginkgo leaf. The bus was rather full, so I wanted to make sure I was able to get up by the doors to place the Ginkgo leaf and take my photos. I got up just after the stop before mine, stood by the door, placed the leaf on the door and snapped several shots.Then I felt kinda like a dope standing there while everyone else stood there. But it's kinda neat to have the leaf there. I'm not sure how long it will stay up there."

Matt has a set of photos featuring a Ginkgo leaf, more photos are to follow. Some examples:

You can see more photos of his collection here.


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