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September 22, 2019

Squirrel eating Ginkgo seed - video

On twitter Harris Youchien posted a short video of a squirrel in a Ginkgo tree eating a Ginkgo seed.

More info about the seeds and dispersers on my Propagation-page.

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September 08, 2019

Playing with Ginkgo leaves, Clairborn School, CA

A Clairborn  tradition for 20 years - Playing with Ginkgo leaves.


Clairborn School school has two groves of Ginkgo trees on its campus. It is located 8400 Huntington Drive, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County, California 91775, US.

On its website the school writes:

"Junior Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Lee Rankin remembers that she started taking students out to play in the leaves somewhere around 1998. Since the city of San Gabriel doesn’t have snow in the wintertime, this is the next best option for students to have a special wintertime experience.  The Ginkgo leaves are a perfect play medium because they stay soft and flexible, and have great hang-time when thrown in the air, and their bright yellow color picks up the sunlight in jewel-like fashion. It creates the perfect childhood moments where they get to experience the joy of romping through piles of leaves, chasing their friends, and having a snow-ball-like leaf fight.  
This twenty-year tradition is now one of the most cherished memories for Clairbourn students."

More videos by ClairbornSchool on YouTube: here, here and here.

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