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August 28, 2009

Ginkgo garland

Wonderful garland made of paper by Claire.
More on her blog.

August 26, 2009

Fertilization process Ginkgo biloba

Video on Dailymotion showing the process of fertilization of Ginkgo biloba (pollen and swimming sperm in seed).
More info and photos on my website: ovule and propagation.

Chinese film: Love beneath the Ginkgo

Yu Feihong is back in the spotlight, this time with her directorial debut 'Eternal Beloved'.
The film has already won praise from critics during test screenings.
The movie centers on a 50-year romance between the dead and the living. Duan Yihong plays A Ming, who promises A Jiu (played by Yu) he will reunite with her under the Ginkgo tree after death. He waits for 50 years to meet up with A Jiu, who becomes Xiao Yu (also played by Yu) in her second life. “The film is a simple story to show people that the old saying ‘love conquers all still exists” , says Yu.
The film is adapted from "Ginkgo Ginkgo", a short novel by Shanghai writer Xu Lan published in 1990. Yu Feihong was the one who conceived the idea of having someone shoot a film based on the touching story, and was later inspired by director Wang Xiaoshuai to do it herself.

'Eternal Beloved' is slated for a public release on August 26, the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.
Read more here.

August 24, 2009

Updates of my website The Ginkgo Pages

* Added many new videos on my YouTube channel.
* New photo photospecial page: Huge old female tree, c. 1840, Houssen (France) + 3 videos of this tree.

August 23, 2009

Huge old female Ginkgo tree

Parc Naturel de Schoppenwihr Berckheim, Rue du Parc, Houssen (near Colmar), Elzas, France.
Large old female tree, c. 1840, girth 4.69 m, about 24 m, width 22 m, with chichi + one short branch with variegated leaves.
(measured myself June 2009)

More videos I made of Ginkgo trees on my YouTube channel.
More info on my website The Ginkgo Pages:

August 21, 2009

Ginkgo photoshopped dress

Daphne of xAZD writes on her blog:
"Today I passed a Ginkgo tree at school. Its leaves have just recently come out. Since I am a particular fan of ginkgo trees, I decided to pick a leaf. Then I thought, going with the idea of nature-inspires-fashion, this leaf looks quite like a skirt... Hmm. So I scanned the leaf and photoshopped the stem out of the image."

August 16, 2009

In the shadow of the Ginkgo tree

Great photos by showing the shadow of a Ginkgo tree. Shot from her 10th floor kitchen window. Location: 12th Street between 4th and 3rd Avenue, New York City.
More photos here.

August 10, 2009

Updates of my website The Ginkgo Pages

* Added video on Propagation-page: Ginkgo ovules in June.
* Added some photos of Ginkgo seeds gathering in Japan.

August 09, 2009

Ginkgo poem by J.W. von Goethe

Geüpload door elodie-colin. -

The famous poem "Gin(k)go biloba" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe presented by EloDie CoLin in this wonderful video.
On my website I write:
"Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The German poet, scientist, botanist and philosopher, dedicated this poem to his former lover Marianne von Willemer. The Ginkgo leaf symbolizes Goethe's theme, one and double. The Ginkgo tree that was Goethe's inspiration to write the poem in 1815, grew in Heidelberg, Germany. This poem was published in Goethe's work 'West-östlichen Divan' (book Suleika) of 1819, titled 'Gingo biloba' for literally reasons."

More info on my special webpage about this poem: click here.

August 05, 2009

Ginkgo leaves in autumn sky

"Looking through the roof window to the autumn sky."
Great photo by rotraud 71 on Flickr. Best viewed in large size.

August 01, 2009

Engagement under Ginkgo tree in Heidelberg

Melissa and Michael from Ohio were engaged on June 22nd, 2008, under a Ginkgo biloba tree in the castle gardens of Heidelberg, Germany. "Walking along the castle garden’s pathway, which overlooks the valley, they came upon a Ginkgo biloba tree located where many believe Goethe once planted a specimen of the same species. Pausing beneath it, Michael began talking about the tree and its many meanings, relating it to how they had come to understand Goethe’s poem and its relation to some of Michael’s philosophical ideas. At this time, Michael proposed to Melissa in German, much to the confusion of others in the gardens at the time."
Read more here.